Introducing sustainability manager

Introducing our newest team member at vomFASS headquarters: Our sustainability manager Tobias Haußmann! 😊
He grew up in Wangen in the Allgäu region of Germany and through his parents’ farm, he became involved with the topics of ecology and sustainability at an early age. He studied in Nürtingen (agricultural economics) and Stuttgart-Hohenheim (agribusiness) and wrote his Master’s thesis at our head office in 2021.

Since January, he has been responsible for all sustainability issues. 🍀
It is particularly important for vomFASS here to put our efforts to date into a comprehensive sustainability report and to find further potential to optimise our corporate activities ecologically and socially! We also want to show the outside world what we have already been living for years.
For example, our company grounds are to be upgraded in terms of nature conservation this year together with regional environmental associations in order to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.🐝🌳