vomFASS WON the 2023 Sustainability Award! 🎉

On 27th April 2023 vomFASS was awarded the 2023 Sustainability Award from the German Franchise Association in Berlin, and we are super happy and excited!

CEO of Cronbank AG, Wolfgang Becker, said: “Only a few companies have anchored the sustainability aspect in their business model as much as vomFASS… Future-oriented management requires responsible action across the entire value chain. This includes sustainably aligning all activities of the headquarters, rebuilding the supply chains socially and ecologically and bringing the partners – around 285 worldwide – to the adoption of a uniform sustainability strategy. In order to achieve this, [vomFASS] has created the position of a sustainability manager. With [the company’s] size, this is an exceptionally far-sighted step… this is an impressive way how the basic sustainability idea of the business is further developed, inspired and raised to a new level.” he sums up.

The vomFASS Family is thankful and grateful for this honor and recognition!

f.l.t.r.: Gunther Veit, Dustin Andrews, Kelly Hupfer, Thomas Kiderlen