Finalist Global Franchise Award

Global Franchise Award 2024 nomination

The new year begins for vomFASS with a nomination for the Global Franchise Awards. Trophäe
vomFASS has been nominated for the first time for the Global Franchise Award in the “Best Food & Drink Franchise” category and is therefore one of the finalists for 2024. We are delighted about this nomination and of course hope to win the award.

The Global Franchise Awards were created by the Global Franchise Magazine team to recognize outstanding achievements in international franchising. The awards ceremony will take place on February 16th in Phoenix and the winners will be announced.Konfettibombe


On 21 September 2023, the awards of the European Franchise Federation – EFF were presented in Brussels and vomFASS received the golden Sustainability Award 🏆.
This is the third award of its kind we have received this year, following the Sustainability Award of the German Franchise Association and the Social&Green Award of the Austrian Franchise Association 🚀
Our sustainability manager Tobias Haußmann proudly accepted the award in Brussels. Many thanks to the European Franchise Association for this great award! We want to continue to move forward ambitiously and make vomFASS even more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Shop opening vomFASS Stamford, England

vomFASS Stamford in England is open! 🎉
Since 25 August 2023, the team of Simon Mobey and his wife Michelle has been welcoming customers at 1-2 St. Paul’s Street in Stamford. The first weeks went very well and the two new franchise partners have directly become multi-unit partners 💚 – the second location is already being implemented. We are very pleased about this strong presence in the UK and are looking forward to further developments.

Our products are AWARDED again!

Every year again:
The results of the Superior Taste Awards 2023 from the International Taste Institute have been evaluated. A wide variety of products are evaluated by a jury of top chefs and sommeliers. We were able to win 2 stars for our new Apricot Balsam. ⭐️⭐️ We are happy that we were also able to convince an independent jury of the quality of our products. We have received a lot of praise and recognition for this recipe and are naturally proud.

A Superior Taste Award winning product is one that has undergone sensory evaluation by professional taste experts and achieved an average score of over 70%. This means that the product is well made, balanced and delicious. Thousands of products are judged each year, but only the best are certified. The jury is made up of more than 200 professional chefs and sommeliers.
Each jury member is carefully selected based on their tasting experience; they have been spotlighted by cooking and sommelier competitions or by top institutions such as Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Millau.
The Taste Institute’s jury members, who come from over 20 countries, are all external and independent. Their knowledge of taste and ability to provide relevant feedback are constantly assessed and monitored by the Taste Institute’s tasting committee.

vomFASS is the MOST SUSTAINABLE FRANCHISE SYSTEM in the German-speaking world!

Since our founding in 1994, we have pursued a resource-conserving approach to our products and packaging materials. Over the years, we have been able to make our production more climate-friendly and set up a sustainability strategy. These efforts are also noticed externally, as shown by the sustainability awards from the German Franchise Association (Deutscher Franchiseverband e.V.) and the Austrian Franchise Association (Österreichischer Franchise-Verband ÖFV).
vomFASS is the first franchise system to receive both awards at the same time!

From 2026, the EU requires small and medium-sized enterprises to report on their environmental and social efforts – we have already been recording the impact of our value creation on the climate in great detail since 2021 and have published it in an initial climate balance. A comprehensive sustainability report will follow in the summer. 💚

Our Sustainability Manager Tobias Haußmann presents together with Thomas Kiderlen (the owner of vomFASS) the two awards 🏆 in our wine cellar.

vomFASS WON the 2023 Sustainability Award! 🎉

On 27th April 2023 vomFASS was awarded the 2023 Sustainability Award from the German Franchise Association in Berlin, and we are super happy and excited!

CEO of Cronbank AG, Wolfgang Becker, said: “Only a few companies have anchored the sustainability aspect in their business model as much as vomFASS… Future-oriented management requires responsible action across the entire value chain. This includes sustainably aligning all activities of the headquarters, rebuilding the supply chains socially and ecologically and bringing the partners – around 285 worldwide – to the adoption of a uniform sustainability strategy. In order to achieve this, [vomFASS] has created the position of a sustainability manager. With [the company’s] size, this is an exceptionally far-sighted step… this is an impressive way how the basic sustainability idea of the business is further developed, inspired and raised to a new level.” he sums up.

The vomFASS Family is thankful and grateful for this honor and recognition!

f.l.t.r.: Gunther Veit, Dustin Andrews, Kelly Hupfer, Thomas Kiderlen

Our products are AWARDED!

The results of the Superior Taste Awards 2022 have been evaluated. Here, a wide variety of products are evaluated by a jury of top chefs and sommeliers. We were able to win 2 stars for our Apple Balsamic Vinegar and even 3 stars for our Wild Blueberry Balsamic Star. We are happy that we could also convince an independent jury of the quality of our products.

vomFASS wins Green Franchise Award

Since 1994, vomFASS has been a leader in energy net-zero production via solar power, minimal packaging, allowing customers to refill and re-use their bottles, and partnerships with environmental charities and fair-trade organizations. With +280 locations in +28 countries, vomFASS embraces sustainable concepts in all aspects of the business.

vomFASS President Thomas Kiderlen, left, and company founder Johannes Kiderlen, Thomas’ father, pose with the Green Franchise Award.

“The idea of sustainability has always been a central topic at vomFASS thanks to the possibility of refilling bottles directly from our casks. In recent years, sustainability has become more and more important for us, but also for our customers and franchise partners. Our net-zero production and the reduction of plastic in our stores to “almost zero” were important milestones for us!” said Thomas Kiderlen, owner and president of vomFASS, when asked about how sustainability has been a part of the concept since the beginning.

Customers are encouraged to bring back their clean, empty bottles for a refill at a discount.

vomFASS was a convincing winner of the Green Franchise Award as a role model for ecology, economy and society. Sustainability is the foundation of the company and ensuring future viability and stable growth worldwide will always be a part of the strategy.

The Green Franchise Award is the first award for sustainable franchising awarded by the German Franchise Association. The evaluation criteria include holistic activities in the areas of:

  • Economic 
  • Ecological
  • Social

Want to turn your passion for sustainability into your professional career? To learn more, please contact:

Elaine R. Sugimura   Kevin M. Frain
+1.203.918.5878  +1.201.321.5587

vomFASS Celebrates Grand Opening in Brookline, MA

The newest vomFASS shop–located at 305 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446–recently celebrated their grand opening to commemorate its newest franchise in Brookline, Coolidge Corner. On location events included product samplings, wine and spirits tastings, cooking demonstrations, in-store promos and more!

“What a huge accomplishment this is for Candace Rassias and her staff to safely and successfully open during one of the most challenging times in our history,” said Thomas Kiderlen, Global CEO and owner of VOM FASS AG Germany.  “I’m very much looking forward to the future of this shop in the Brookline neighborhood and cannot wait for the opportunity to visit,” he said.

Rassias and Kiderlen at the VOM FASS headquarters in Waldburg, Germany celebrating vomFASS’ 25 year anniversary in September 2019.

“I am truly blessed.” said Candace Rassias, vomFASS Brookline franchisee. “To own my own boutique shop where I’d get to dabble culinarily and offer such a wide variety of exclusive products has been a dream of mine for years. I knew what I wanted. Having found the vomFASS brand and the history behind the generational business from manufacturing to franchise owners, I knew I found my home,” said Rassias.

Rassais, center, and staff toast to a successful grand opening.

The City of Brookline and Chamber of Commerce were on-site for a special ceremony on Friday, November 6th.  Public events followed on November 7th-8th, following all local safety regulations and social distancing guidelines.

“From the moment Candace and I spoke about her interest in owning her own vomFASS location, I knew she had all the qualities we look for in a franchisee.  Her passion for food and great wine was enough for me to know her success was hers to own. vomFASS USA is proud to announce her as the newest member of our team.  Congratulations and here’s to your amazing start as an entrepreneur!” said Elaine R. Sugimura, CEO of vomFASS USA.

Sugimura, bottom right, and Rassais, front middle, with members of the VOM FASS USA Franchise System touring a French Absinthe distillery on the 2019 Producer’s Trip.

“When life throws you curve balls you figure out a way to embrace the new normal,” said Kevin M. Frain, COO, vomFASS USA. “We are really excited about the Brookline store opening. It has been a challenging year, but we are extremely thankful to the town of Brookline, the property ownership and everyone else who worked diligently to assist us in getting the store opened.” he said. Kevin was on location from the start of Candace’s journey and has supported her throughout the store opening process, so he knows first-hand all of the challenges she faced as many policies and processes via COVID were yet to be determined.

vomFASS Brookline is now open 7 days a week – hours of operation can be found at The store is full of a wide variety of Holiday Gift Sets that will satisfy anyone on your shopping list. Curbside pick-up and shipping services are also available, call the store (617) 505-5012 for more details.

Rassias pours wine samples for customers.

“I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the opening process from the property management team, vomFASS USA, the Coolidge Corner Merchants, the City of Brookline plus my family and friends.  I would not be here without you all!  Most importantly, to my customers, existing and new, I look forward to serving YOU!” said Rassais.

Are you looking for a new opportunities in 2021 and interested in owning your own business?   Please contact us at for additional information about owning your own shop!

Franchising Opportunities with vomFASS in the “New Normal”

Now’s the Time to Explore Franchising with vomFASS

vomFASS Global CEO Thomas Kiderlen, middle left, along with team members at the headquarters in Waldburg, Germany.

Today, we are once again facing the prospect of a recession as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is too early to predict the financial implications from the global pandemic, we do know that during times like this, with unemployment numbers higher than years past, it becomes a great time for those who are ready to become owners of their own business!  A vomFASS USA franchise will allow you this opportunity and there is no better time than now to learn about who we are and what we do.

The unique vomFASS concept is always innovating and will continue to be a marketing-leader in the food and beverage sector.

During the last market meltdown, franchising was a sector that continued to rise as it allowed business minded individuals to rely on their own abilities rather than relying on others who made decisions on their worth and employment situation.  The key to opening a successful franchise is to choose a profession you are passionate about. If you are a foodie, love communicating with others, and managing your own time and business; this opportunity, again, is for you!

Explore our unique franchise opportunity and take control of your financial future.

It is important to share that even during the last economic downtrend (2008-2009), not everyone’s finances suffered during this time; just a few years later in 2013, Reuters reported a record number of billionaires in the world.  It is in times like these that many of us more carefully consider the stability of our current jobs and businesses.  While it is impossible to guarantee that an industry is “recession-proof,” there are certain industries that do well — or even thrive — during times of widespread unemployment and economic recession. Economic hardship does not necessarily equate to personal financial downfall. In fact, people tend to turn to franchising in times of a strained economy (as well as in times of prosperity).

Franchising has historically done well under most economic conditions. During boom periods, the fear of missing out on a great opportunity fuels strong franchise growth. During a downturn, on the other hand, the fear of job loss and financial security drives many people to take control of their own futures by investing in a franchise business.” – Eric Stites, Franchise Business Review CEO and Managing Director

Despite recent economic trends of growth and stability, the economy — as we have just witnessed — is notoriously unpredictable. If you’re looking to start a new business or buy a franchise that can weather unpredictable market volatility (and a potential recession or depression), you may want to consider investing in an industry that will thrive in good times as well as in bad.

As consumers continue to value a healthy diet, vomFASS is positioned to provide a variety of healthy and delicious products that make cooking at home easy. As more consumers find themselves becoming home chefs, the demand for these products are sure to increase.

The TOP Recession-Proof Industries

Industries and/or companies that offer goods or services that fulfill people’s basic needs are less likely to fail in periods of recession.

Understanding how a business will perform during a recession is an important consideration before you buy a franchise. As a potential business owner, you should ask yourself:

  • Are the products or services more luxury items or everyday necessities?
  • Who are your typical customers and how may their purchasing decisions change?

In recent years, the vomFASS line of gourmet foods has grown immensely in response to market trends.

As you conduct research the type of businesses you want to pursue, consider industries that offer basic services. Here are some examples:

  • A company or industry that provides staple items (such as grocery stores)
  • A company or industry which provides a critical repair or maintenance service (like the auto-mechanic industry)
  • A company or industry that provides an essential public-works service (like electricity servicing)
  • A company or industry that provides a mandated service (like pipeline inspection)

If you plan on starting an independent business or purchase a franchise, you must consider the industry you will be competing in and take a close look at those that have proven their economic endurance over the past several decades.

Food and Beverage

No matter what happens to our economy, people must eat. Whether they are looking for a healthy option to sustain themselves throughout the day or a tasty treat to aid them through a stressful situation, there are business and franchise opportunities just waiting to be cashed in on.

Looking for a franchise opportunity you can sink your teeth into?

What’s Cooking?

In times of economic instability, people cut back on “splurges.” That means a lot less of going out for dinner and a lot more of cooking in. The National Purchase Diary (NPD) estimated that, in 2008, 77.4 percent of meals were prepared at home. Home-cooked meals rose steadily to 80 percent in 2013, at the end of the recession. And with the current social distancing guidelines in place, home cooking is once again making an appearance during a tough economic period.

vomFASS offers everything you need to create a top-notch culinary experience!

Where are People Getting the Food They Cook at Home?

Grocery and food specialty stores are a stable investment, not just because they offer people the basic sustenance to survive (food, spirits and lots of it); they also provide consumers with their basic goods. No matter what the economy is doing, people still need to brush their teeth, make delicious meals, do their laundry and wash their dishes. Grocery and food specialty stores sell toothpaste, food and beverage items, laundry detergent and dish soap, all of which will be purchased in good times as well as in bad.

Our product mix offers a variety of culinary products that make cooking easy and fun for new home chefs!

Bottom’s Up!

Spirits as a category have traditionally been resistant to economic downturns. According to a CNN report, alcoholic beverage sales grew 10% in 2008, the last economic recession in the United States. People may have changed where they spend, like moving from bars to home, but they continue to purchase the category.

One other recent favorable trend is the rise of the economic purchasing power of the millennials. Millennials as group are drawn to authenticity and are drawn to brands that are transparent about how their products are made. This is a perfect fit for the vomFASS Spirits category as almost all of our products are unique to vomFASS and we know the source.

Studies predict that consumers will still continue to purchase alcohol but how and where they choose to enjoy it will change.

What’s Next?

Buying a franchise or starting a new business is not a decision you will make overnight. It is a process that you will research exhaustively. For many would-be entrepreneurs, franchising is an interesting opportunity given that it offers you the chance to be your own boss without taking on the significant risk that comes with starting a business from scratch.

With vomFASS you have the ability to leverage exclusive products, a robust training program, site selection expertise, unique marketing tools and ongoing support to ensure your success!

By doing your research, you can invest in an industry that offers security no matter the state of the economy.

To find out if franchising is for you (or which franchise is for you!), make sure you do your research.  Contact us at vomFASS USA and learn more about why we may be the right fit for you, your spouse/partner and/or family!

Members of the vomFASS USA Franchise System celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the company at the international headquarters in Waldburg, Germany.

Note – It is important to share that no industry is truly “recession-proof,” but there are certain industries that are more resilient during economic downturns than others.

To learn more, please contact: 

Elaine R. Sugimura   Kevin M. Frain
+1.203.918.5878  +1.201.321.5587