2 Stars at the Superior Taste Award

Our Apricot Balsam Star impressed the jury at the International Taste Institute and won the Superior Taste Award with two stars!

The “Superior Taste Award” is a certification awarded by the International Taste Institute to food products that have undergone a positive taste assessment by a panel of first-class chefs and sommeliers.

➡ Our product not only impresses with its fruity, delicious flavour, but also meets the highest quality standards. The Apricot Balsam Star is produced without artificial flavourings and with fair trade products in our own vinegar factory in Waldburg, Germany.

Sustainability report 2022|2023

We are pioneers in sustainability and transparency!

After two years of data collection and project work, we have published the first sustainability report of  VOM FASS AG. One thing is clear: environmental protection and a fair supply chain have been at the core of vomFASS for years. With the report, we can now show holistically and with authentic transparency in which areas we are involved and where there is room for improvement.

By the way: With this report, we are anticipating the new European Union Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will come into force in 2026, and as a pioneer, we are communicating transparently on topics such as water consumption, equal opportunities and climate protection.

👉 Feel free to take a look: https://www.vomfass.de/nachhaltigkeit

Finalist Global Franchise Award

Global Franchise Award 2024 nomination

The new year begins for vomFASS with a nomination for the Global Franchise Awards. Trophäe
vomFASS has been nominated for the first time for the Global Franchise Award in the “Best Food & Drink Franchise” category and is therefore one of the finalists for 2024. We are delighted about this nomination and of course hope to win the award.

The Global Franchise Awards were created by the Global Franchise Magazine team to recognize outstanding achievements in international franchising. The awards ceremony will take place on February 16th in Phoenix and the winners will be announced.Konfettibombe


On 21 September 2023, the awards of the European Franchise Federation – EFF were presented in Brussels and vomFASS received the golden Sustainability Award 🏆.
This is the third award of its kind we have received this year, following the Sustainability Award of the German Franchise Association and the Social&Green Award of the Austrian Franchise Association 🚀
Our sustainability manager Tobias Haußmann proudly accepted the award in Brussels. Many thanks to the European Franchise Association for this great award! We want to continue to move forward ambitiously and make vomFASS even more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Shop opening vomFASS Stamford, England

vomFASS Stamford in England is open! 🎉
Since 25 August 2023, the team of Simon Mobey and his wife Michelle has been welcoming customers at 1-2 St. Paul’s Street in Stamford. The first weeks went very well and the two new franchise partners have directly become multi-unit partners 💚 – the second location is already being implemented. We are very pleased about this strong presence in the UK and are looking forward to further developments.

Our products are AWARDED again!

Every year again:
The results of the Superior Taste Awards 2023 from the International Taste Institute have been evaluated. A wide variety of products are evaluated by a jury of top chefs and sommeliers. We were able to win 2 stars for our new Apricot Balsam. ⭐️⭐️ We are happy that we were also able to convince an independent jury of the quality of our products. We have received a lot of praise and recognition for this recipe and are naturally proud.

A Superior Taste Award winning product is one that has undergone sensory evaluation by professional taste experts and achieved an average score of over 70%. This means that the product is well made, balanced and delicious. Thousands of products are judged each year, but only the best are certified. The jury is made up of more than 200 professional chefs and sommeliers.
Each jury member is carefully selected based on their tasting experience; they have been spotlighted by cooking and sommelier competitions or by top institutions such as Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Millau.
The Taste Institute’s jury members, who come from over 20 countries, are all external and independent. Their knowledge of taste and ability to provide relevant feedback are constantly assessed and monitored by the Taste Institute’s tasting committee.

vomFASS is the MOST SUSTAINABLE FRANCHISE SYSTEM in the German-speaking world!

Since our founding in 1994, we have pursued a resource-conserving approach to our products and packaging materials. Over the years, we have been able to make our production more climate-friendly and set up a sustainability strategy. These efforts are also noticed externally, as shown by the sustainability awards from the German Franchise Association (Deutscher Franchiseverband e.V.) and the Austrian Franchise Association (Österreichischer Franchise-Verband ÖFV).
vomFASS is the first franchise system to receive both awards at the same time!

From 2026, the EU requires small and medium-sized enterprises to report on their environmental and social efforts – we have already been recording the impact of our value creation on the climate in great detail since 2021 and have published it in an initial climate balance. A comprehensive sustainability report will follow in the summer. 💚

Our Sustainability Manager Tobias Haußmann presents together with Thomas Kiderlen (the owner of vomFASS) the two awards 🏆 in our wine cellar.

vomFASS WON the 2023 Sustainability Award! 🎉

On 27th April 2023 vomFASS was awarded the 2023 Sustainability Award from the German Franchise Association in Berlin, and we are super happy and excited!

CEO of Cronbank AG, Wolfgang Becker, said: “Only a few companies have anchored the sustainability aspect in their business model as much as vomFASS… Future-oriented management requires responsible action across the entire value chain. This includes sustainably aligning all activities of the headquarters, rebuilding the supply chains socially and ecologically and bringing the partners – around 285 worldwide – to the adoption of a uniform sustainability strategy. In order to achieve this, [vomFASS] has created the position of a sustainability manager. With [the company’s] size, this is an exceptionally far-sighted step… this is an impressive way how the basic sustainability idea of the business is further developed, inspired and raised to a new level.” he sums up.

The vomFASS Family is thankful and grateful for this honor and recognition!

f.l.t.r.: Gunther Veit, Dustin Andrews, Kelly Hupfer, Thomas Kiderlen

Our products are AWARDED!

The results of the Superior Taste Awards 2022 have been evaluated. Here, a wide variety of products are evaluated by a jury of top chefs and sommeliers. We were able to win 2 stars for our Apple Balsamic Vinegar and even 3 stars for our Wild Blueberry Balsamic Star. We are happy that we could also convince an independent jury of the quality of our products.

vomFASS wins Green Franchise Award

Since 1994, vomFASS has been a leader in energy net-zero production via solar power, minimal packaging, allowing customers to refill and re-use their bottles, and partnerships with environmental charities and fair-trade organizations. With +280 locations in +28 countries, vomFASS embraces sustainable concepts in all aspects of the business.

vomFASS President Thomas Kiderlen, left, and company founder Johannes Kiderlen, Thomas’ father, pose with the Green Franchise Award.

“The idea of sustainability has always been a central topic at vomFASS thanks to the possibility of refilling bottles directly from our casks. In recent years, sustainability has become more and more important for us, but also for our customers and franchise partners. Our net-zero production and the reduction of plastic in our stores to “almost zero” were important milestones for us!” said Thomas Kiderlen, owner and president of vomFASS, when asked about how sustainability has been a part of the concept since the beginning.

Customers are encouraged to bring back their clean, empty bottles for a refill at a discount.

vomFASS was a convincing winner of the Green Franchise Award as a role model for ecology, economy and society. Sustainability is the foundation of the company and ensuring future viability and stable growth worldwide will always be a part of the strategy.

The Green Franchise Award is the first award for sustainable franchising awarded by the German Franchise Association. The evaluation criteria include holistic activities in the areas of:

  • Economic 
  • Ecological
  • Social

Want to turn your passion for sustainability into your professional career? To learn more, please contact:

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