Shop opening – vomFASS Berlin Spandau, Germany

On 08 September 2022, the time had finally come and Melanie Vogel was allowed to open her vomFASS shop in the Spandauer Arcaden in Berlin. We were already ready for the opening 6 weeks ago, but the approval of the fire protection took some time.
Dear Melanie, we wish you much success and joy with your own shop and are happy to be represented in Berlin with another vomFASS shop.

Many thanks also to our franchisee Ute Schindler from vomFASS Berlin-Friedrichshagen, who actively supported us. This is how the vomFASS family works together, to which we can now also warmly welcome Melanie Vogel. Due to the lack of fire safety approval, it was unclear when exactly an opening could take place. Under these conditions, it was of course also unclear when staff would be needed and hired. Since the approval came sooner than expected and the planned staff was not yet available, various partners from Berlin provided support on a daily basis – simply great!