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Shop opening vomFASS Landsberg am Lech, Germany

On 01 July 2023, Tanja Bruins and Severin Köhl opened their vomFASS shop in Vorderer Anger 276 💚 and are now on hand for all Landsbergers. After five years without vomFASS in Landsberg, all former customers and all curious new customers can now come to Vorderer Anger to Look • Taste • Enjoy. Landsberg is […]

Shop opening vomFASS Memmingen, Germany

On 30 June 2023, Marko Kavedzija and Clementia Zorniger opened their vomFASS shop at Maximilianstraße 2 in Memmingen and are looking forward to welcoming all new and old customers. Many Memmingen residents certainly still remember the former vomFASS shop and are looking forward to the fact that it is now once again glowing turquoise in […]

vomFASS is the MOST SUSTAINABLE FRANCHISE SYSTEM in the German-speaking world!

Since our founding in 1994, we have pursued a resource-conserving approach to our products and packaging materials. Over the years, we have been able to make our production more climate-friendly and set up a sustainability strategy. These efforts are also noticed externally, as shown by the sustainability awards from the German Franchise Association (Deutscher Franchiseverband […]

vomFASS WON the 2023 Sustainability Award! 🎉

On 27th April 2023 vomFASS was awarded the 2023 Sustainability Award from the German Franchise Association in Berlin, and we are super happy and excited! CEO of Cronbank AG, Wolfgang Becker, said: “Only a few companies have anchored the sustainability aspect in their business model as much as vomFASS… Future-oriented management requires responsible action across […]

Shop opening vomFASS Ratingen, Germany

Our partner John Kleine-Möllhoff, who already runs the vomFASS shop in Essen, opened his second shop on 01 April 2023! Karl Oetzbach is active at the Ratingen location at Oberstraße 8 as managing director and advises customers. We are pleased that our products can now also be purchased in Ratingen and warmly welcome you, dear […]

Nominierung Franchisegründung und Nachhaltigkeitspreis des Jahres 2023

Beim Deutschen Franchiseverband ist es vomFASS dieses Jahr gelungen direkt zwei Nominierungen zu erhalten: Zum einen ist vomFASS Lörrach als Franchisegründung des Jahres nominiert und zum anderen ist die VOM FASS AG für den Nachhaltigkeitspreis des Jahres nominiert. Von insgesamt 30 Einreichungen (3 davon von vomFASS) wurden die überzeugendsten 9 nominiert – und am 27. […]

Handover vomFASS Bocholt, Germany

On 30 March 2023, Stefanie Fischer opened her vomFASS shop with her team at Nordstraße 8 in Bocholt. We are pleased that the people of Bocholt will continue to be able to buy our products and we are sure that our customers have found a competent and friendly successor in Ms Fischer. Dear Stefanie, welcome […]

Nominierung Social & Green Award 2023

Aller Guten Dinge sind drei! Zum dritten Mal in Folge ist vomFASS für den Social & Green Award des Österreichischen Franchise-Verbandes nominiert! Wir freuen uns sehr darüber und hoffen natürlich in diesem Jahr den Award zu gewinnen. In Österreich sind aktuell etwa 500 Franchise–Systeme tätig. Der Österreichische Franchise–Verband (ÖFV) vergibt jährlich Awards in fünf Kategorien, […]

Handover vomFASS Köln-Lindenthal, Germany

On 01.03.2023, the vomFASS shop in Cologne-Lindenthal at Dürener Straße 212 was handed over from Mattias Eder to Brian Singh. Brian completed his apprenticeship in the shop and continued to work in the shop after successfully completing it. He is very familiar with the processes and the customers know him. Dear Brian, welcome to the […]