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Handover vomFASS Singen, Germany

Since 01 January 2023, vomFASS Singen in August-Ruf-Straße 19 has a new face: Dietmar Hein has taken over the business from Birgit Leicht. With Dietmar Hein, we have gained a likeable entrepreneur and are pleased that the people of Singen can continue to shop in their vomFASS. Dear Dietmar, we welcome you to the vomFASS […]

Jahresrückblick 2022

In 2022 konnten wir im deutschsprachigen Raum 14 vomFASS Geschäfte eröffnen! Wir freuen uns, dass auch in 2022 wieder tolle Partner den Weg zu ihrem eigenen vomFASS Geschäft gefunden haben und wir sie auf dem Weg dorthin begleiten durften. 🍀 Bei diesen 14 Geschäften handelt es sich um 6 Nachfolgen/ Übernahmen bestehender Standorte und um […]

Handover vomFASS Mindelheim, Germany

Jennifer Schiffer took over the vomFASS shop at Bahnhofstraße 52 in Mindelheim on 1 January 2023. We are pleased that the people of Mindelheim will continue to be able to buy our products and we are sure that we’ve found a competent and sympathetic successor in Ms Schiffer. We say: Welcome to the vomFASS family! […]

Handover vomFASS Landshut, Germany

On 20 October 2022, Inge Kiermeier opened her vomFASS shop with her team in Theaterstraße 59/60 in Landshut. We are pleased that the people of Landshut will continue to be able to buy our products and we are sure that our customers have found a competent and sympathetic successor in Ms Kiermeier. Dear Mrs Kiermeier, […]

Shop opening vomFASS Obernburg (Germany) as Shop in Shop

On 18 October 2022, another shop-in-shop solution opened in a bookstore: the Buchkabinett at Römerstraße 7 in Obernburg is now home to vomFASS Obernburg. In Mühlacker and also in Sindelfingen, our partners have had good experience with this combination and we are now pleased to welcome Ms Schläfke from the Buchkabinett to the vomFASS family! […]

Shop opening vomFASS Dresden Altmarkt Gallery, Germany

We would like to warmly welcome Mathias Noack to our vomFASS family! Mr Noack has been welcoming his customers on the 1st floor of the Altmarkt-Gallery in Dresden since 13 October 2022. After a long search, we are very happy together with him about the successful opening – now you can also  Look • Taste […]

Shop opening vomFASS Heidelberg, Germany

Since 05 October 2022, there is now also a vomFASS in Heidelberg! Our new franchisee Timo Heinrich and his partner welcome interested customers at Hauptstraße 180, directly opposite the Heiliggeistkirche. Welcome to the vomFASS family, you two! We wish you much joy, success and curious customers.

Shop opening vomFASS SCS Vösendorf, Austria

vomFASS SCS Vösendorf is the 8th vomFASS to open in Vienna, this time in the SCS. Since 23 September 2022, Jusztina Lang’s motto has been “Look • Taste • Enjoy”. The opening of her shop thus took place almost exactly 6 months to the day after she first contacted us. More detailed information and initial […]

Shop opening vomFASS Hanau, Germany

On 16 September 2022, Ashoke Paul was able to open his vomFASS shop in Hanau at Hammerstraße 6. We are delighted with the successful opening. The first few days were very successful and the people of Hanau have gratefully accepted the offer. Welcome to the vomFASS family dear Ashoke Paul! We wish you and your […]